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Beatpro Courses-Based on Modern Production
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Beatpro Students & Their Experience

Pastor: Nithin Peters
Yashraj Singh
Playing Piano
Course Fees : 50,000 INR
Bollywood Music Production

Learn with the indian tonality

Music Writer
Course Fees : 2,600 INR (1 Hour)
Production Consulting

Consulting on your specific tool(hour based)

DJ Mixing
Course Fees : 45,000 INR
Mixing And Mastering

Learn how to make professional sound

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 10.21.25
Course Fees : 35000 INR
Music Production (DAW)

Learn your favorite Music Production Tool

Editing & Post Production
Course Fees : 35000 INR
Customized Courses

Create your course structure as per your requirement

Course Fees : 25000 INR

Create your Owen Sound

Please read to know about us. 

Importance of 1:1 Sessions


BeatPro provides one on one classes providing full concentrate on a particular student and provides exclusive focus on the practical work. As Mumbai’s first music production academy, we go over everything you need to know about music production basics and how to get started as a music producer. we have one on one teaching approach. We strongly believe that every individual has different skills and intelligence. So accordingly we prioritised. And put our efforts individually within the committed time period. This way we finish 2 years of teaching content in just 2 or 3 months Only and also train them in an internship program. Our courses are made on modern teaching method and we introduce unique courses which really works in the real world we primarily believe in practical work. We have made dedicated courses for Bollywood music production, mixing and mastering and also cover all industry-standard DAW such as Logic Pro x, Ableton live, fl studio (fruity loops) and Cubase. BeatPro will provide you lifetime support after even successful completion of your course. You would be welcomed any time for any difficulties or queries for your music production needs in real time. All courses are certified through BeatPro. After successful completion of the course you will be certified in the specific subject.

Career Support & Establishment


After finishing your course you will be assessed and as per your work eligibility, BeatPro will assist in providing you live work experience in the real-world which will enhance your potential and help you gain confidence in your music career.

Beatpro has a global network across the world in the field of music production. thousands of singers, composers, and filmmakers are associated with the Beatpro. As a result, Beatpro has huge work responsibility to deliver quality music tracks to a client and this is the reason our student has many work opportunity in the real world.

After the course, we recommend students for an in-house internship program for a period of a minimum of 6 Months. After the internship program, students are completely eligible to understand the profession and the core things inside this whole subject of music production. The internship is as important as the course and it's free for every Beatpro student.

Compilation of course and internship programs is equal to establishing a career in this industry. 

You understand all the important tasks to establish yourself as a music producer also you'll have all the guidance for studio hardware and software setup.

Student Gallery

Moments that make us proud to say these students have been a part of our academy. More than 1000+ students have learnt from beatpro music production, you too will be featured for the completion of your journey with us. 

Shoutout to our alumni & check out their amazing work.


G-1, Ground Floor, Evershine Apartments 2 ,Plot No.142 A/B, 7 Bungalows,
Andheri West ,400053


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