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Courses For the sound designers

12 Sessions
24 Sessions


Bollywood Music Production


(Sound Designing)

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Course Content

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  • A Closer Look
    Working with Loops Creating and Managing Tracks Track Header Function The Inspector Quantizing The Mixer Working with Plugin Tools Zooming Working with Patches Project Management Folder Stacks and Folders Summing StacksProject Properties
  • Introduction
    Starting a Project Interface Overview Project Basics Play and Navigate Using the Cycle Area
  • Recording
    The Count In and Click MIDI Recording Autopunch and Replace Mode Loop Recording MIDI Record Repeat and Capture as Recording Musical Typing Arrangement Markers Creating a Headphone Mix Recording Audio Loop Recording Audio Working with Take
  • Editing
    Working in the Track Region Editing Introduction to the Editor The Piano Roll Editing MIDI Draw The Score Editor The Step Editor in Action Pitch Correction Working with Fades Working with Markers Screen Sets Smart Controls Quick Start MIDI FX Teaser Drum Kit Designer Automation Project Export
  • Mixing
    Effects EQ Compressor Delay Reverb Envelope Filter Phaser Chorus Mixing Internal Mixer Aux Channel Panning Balancing Third Party Effects Automation Buses Groups
  • Mastering
    Mastering Concepts Mastering Effects Mastering Techniques
  • Vocal Production With Melodyne
    Vocal Recording Pitching Time Shifting Vocal Harmony Doubling All About Vocal
  • Live Bollywood Song From Scratch to Master
    Vocal Recording and Tuning Making Attactive Melodies Working On Bollywood Grooves Layering Entire Structured Production Mixing and Mastering
  • Background Score For Movie And Commercials
    Adding Footage Markers In out scene Transitions Layering 16 Track Exports
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