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Our Music Production Services

BeatPro provides all types of music production services. This must be the Biggest opportunity for one and all who want to create their own music, jingles, songs, audio albums and more. fulfil all your musical ideas. Here at Beatpro we provide whole music production services to help you add finishing touches to the recording and perfect the final track. Beatpro handles every aspect of music production. Whether it is a hit song for a big artist or for TV shows, we deliver comprehensive production services at the highest level.

If you are a singer-songwriter with no knowledge about how to go about producing sounds, our team of experts will help you in creating just the perfect sound for you. We take great pride in the production services we provide to you. Our services meet the professional standards of music in the industry. At Beatpro, we look after all the aspects of the project. Besides production, it also includes complying with the time schedules, giving updates about the project when required, and finally executing the final product. Look no further than Beatpro to provide services to ensure that your musical endeavours are a success.

BeatPro Music Production For

Beatpro is here to produce songs, jingles, and Music albums for you and all talented composers, Singers, rappers, Songwriters and Filmmakers who are thinking that they have stuck in production.


having a beautiful voice which readies to get recorded and deserves to get known by everyone through original or cover songs. But need some help of perfect guidance for production and finishing touch to the recorded Stuff

For Vocalist:


Music Composers who are looking for complete song production for their own tunes. we dedicatedly provide services for Bollywood composers.

For Music Composer:


Music/sound is one of the most important factors in the film. which will remind you of people even after and the wish of every filmmaker. Making a film and having a piece of perfect music for it is now possible here. we provide Complete film background scores for all kinds of movies and TV commercials.

For FilmMaker:


We specialised in all genres of music tracks including EDM and Hip-hop for Rappers, who are looking for commercial quality for them.

For Rapper:

How It Works?

Cost Approval


Keeping a fixed budget for the total cost of production including mixing, mastering etc. After the budget is approved the advance payment of 50% needs to be done after which further process is carried on. Do not worry as your fund will be 100% safe with us. We can assure the return of advance made in case of disapproval. Refunds are safe as well as guaranteed. After the final WAV file is shared and approved the rest of the remaining payment should be made in due course of time.

Shaking Hands
Job Approval


Initially when an artist approaches us we as a team collectively listen and work on the concept of the tune and it's basics. What type of a melody would work, the type of song etc.

A scratch test is sent first which is a base sound track to get the idea of how it would sound. Once the scratch audio tune is approved we carry onto the next step. This helps us to avoid any miscommunication that might occur and also so that both the parties remain on the same page of the project.

Further lyrics, composition are added to give the rough idea a touch of realism and transform it step by step into a 'hit tune'.

Music Recording
Studio & Recording


Our team then works on further studio recording and audio editing in our very own studio. An expert team of sound engineers will work on working through your tune with quality effects and time. A professional touch of mastering is given to your music in house.

A final file of wav is sent after the production is done for the handover.

At the Studio
Job Submition


To add the final touch of work we sit with an experienced music programmer to check and add the little nuances of creativity if needed. We see each track with great attention to detail as everything should sound like the masterpiece it was supposed to be.

We understand the need for confidentiality so an agreement is signed by both parties to start on the right note.

We provide music production services for youtube, cinema, streaming apps, and tv commercials. Turn your ideas into songs, with us!

Why with us?

Our  Team:

Beatpro has a dedicated team when it comes to production including interns, professionals, singers, lyricists as well as composers and musicians including studios to work with. This team is industry professionals because they have been working in the industry for a decade. They started out as freshers in the industry and we're very passionate about their career and made sure to make their dream into a reality. These professionals have worked directly with various artists who are experts in different genres of music. Their expertise makes Beatpro the pro-choice to learn & get associated with. Our faculty's knowledge and musical journey have provided the students with first-hand grade A learning. These artists not only have taught for so many years but have been out there doing live shows, performing even today. All this legacy is brought to you when you join Beatpro.

Music Production Redefined

The last ten years have seen significant advancements in music production and audio technology, but not in educational practices. Beatpro Music Production academy, a highly regarded and well-equipped music school in Mumbai, provides a route for aspiring musicians and sound engineers to gain abilities such. The creation of music for movies and web series using immersive audio (Dolby ATMOS) Future digital artists' guide to the music industry and entrepreneurship learn in the present day with experts in the field. 

Under Beatpro Music Productions comes Music Academy, live shows & performances are present in various locations possible. It is a network of numerous artists.

Our services are multifunctional varying upon the kind of requirement you have. Based on which our required team comes into play.

Professional Studio Facility

Along with the academy, we are associated with two of the greatest music studios in Mumbai. Paresh Music Studio & 504 Studio both of which are situated in the prime location of Lokhandwala, Mumbai. Pre-production, mixing, tracking, and mastering are all perfect uses for our recording studio. features a Pro Tools & channel Duality system, a large selection of software plugins, cutting-edge PMC monitoring possibilities, and a variety of professional composing tools.

Engineers can record numerous performers simultaneously while retaining complete sound isolation between instruments in the control room's two acoustically adjustable live rooms on either side. Both the control room and the live rooms have a variety of outboard equipment and additional rooms may be used thanks to the patch-bay system.

Our Happy Clients


Amol Kale

Film Maker

Gaurav Dagaonkar.jpg


Music Director


Hemant Chavan

CEO AD Agency

Paresh Shah.jpg

Paresh Shah

Music Director


Yashraj Singh

Music Director

Nirmal Pandya.jpg

Nirmal Pandya

BGM Composer


Sanjay Tikadar



Mousumi Nayak


Released Work Sample

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