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24 Sessions (1)

This comprehensive music production course, specializing in Bollywood Music, is designed to help enthusiasts develop a deeper understanding of the Indian music ecosystem. Right from learning to creatively use production tools, to affirming their knowledge of music in general and Bollywood in specific, the course is the perfect guide for anyone who wishes to plant their feet firm in the music industry of India.

Bollywood Music Production

Bollywood Music Production

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Bollywood Music Production course has a duration of 3 Months(24 Session). Each session would be conducted twice in a week. You can mention your convenient time and days for sessions with your name and email Address. Fees can be paid in 2 installaments. 1st Installment of 30000/- INR & 2nd Installament of 20000/-INR. Click below the pay button to make your 1st Installment.

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