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This Courses is completely understanding of Your Selected DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). in this course students will learn complete features and advance methods of DAW. after the course completion students are fully eligible to record themselves and produce their own track of their purpose.

Bollywood Music Production

Music Production DAW

Meet to your Mentor

Course Content

Ableton Live

The Greatest weapon for EDM Producers for live performance and Music Production.

Fruity Loops

The Easiest way to make your music with advance pattern sequencer.

Logic Pro X

The powerful tool for all the genre with the massive library and instruments.


The Newest and diifterent way to make music with amazing workflow.


Huge Potentials and creativity across the technology with regular big updates.

Studio One

Studio One pioneered the drag-and-drop workflow.


The ultimate tool for Mixing Engineers with ease and quality workflow.

Reason +

All in one tool for production available on subscibtion.


Music Production (DAW) course has Duration of 2 Months(16 Session). Session would be conducted twice in a week. you can write your convenient time and days for sessions with your name and Email Address.You can pay your fees in 2 installaments. 1st Installment of 25000/- INR & 2nd Installament of 15000/-INR. Click below to pay your 1st Installment.

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