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BeatPro Student  Nirmal Pandya Achieved  Award for Best Background Score 2022

Avarodh Season 2 on SonyLive

Playing Piano
Course Fees : 50,000 INR
Bollywood Music Production

Learn with the indian tonality

Music Writer
Course Fees : 2,600 INR (1 Hour)
Production Consulting

Consulting on your specific tool(hour based)

DJ Mixing
Course Fees : 45,000 INR
Mixing And Mastering

Learn how to make professional sound

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 10.21.25
Course Fees : 35000 INR
Music Production (DAW)

Learn your favorite Music Production Tool

Editing & Post Production
Course Fees : 35000 INR
Customized Courses

Create your course structure as per your requirement

Course Fees : 25000 INR

Create your Owen Sound

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